Online Tasks

Design Studio 1: TASKS FROM WEEK 1-10

For the participation component (30%) of the course, half is for the in-class participation and half is for the online participation.

In short, the online component is each of the blog posts or online tasks that I have set throughout the semester including reading and commenting outside of your own wordpress pages..

The in-class participation is about contributing to discussions and tasks.

They have all been posted on the blog each week and this is the compiled list.

  • Write a blog post about your ‘adopted blog’. Include notes from your presentation and any other thoughts after the class discussion.
  • Discuss with links three of your classmates’ ‘adopted blogs’.
  • Before next week add your soundscape to the Lost Places Google Map. This might provide you with some inspiration on where you could go with publishing your video online. If you need you can have a look at this tutorial.
  • Before next week you will need to upload an annotated bibliography to your blogs with five references using the Harvard Referencing Style.
  • Create Twitter account if you haven’t already and start following me on Twitter.
  • Write a blog post about the different editing techniques used in each of the videos in this post.
  • Write a separate blog post of your initial ideas for your final assignment. What sort of visuals and editing do you think you will use?
  • As you know you will be doing a presentation on the blog you selected to follow a few weeks ago. Keep looking at this blog and make a link and comment in a blog post.
  • This week in class we will be looking at editing in digital media and then 3 weeks of video editing after the break. Come up with a short list of film clips that you like and think have a good relationship between the audio and visuals.  It’s kind of like guest programming rage.
  • Through researching how blogs become successful come up with five ways that you could increase traffic to your blog. Think of this outside the context of the classroom – if you were a band manager, promoter, artist etc. How would you get your blog known? We will discuss this in class so write it down.
  • Tweet your response to the readings for discussion
  • Read your fellow classmates’ blog posts on their soundscape ideas. You will find the blogs on the sidebar to your right under ‘blogroll’
  • Write a post on your own blog which includes a reference or comment to at least two of your classmates’ posts and link to them.
  • You will also need to include a link to at least one external reference that you can include in your essay.  Remember, as we discussed in class that while you can reference other creative works the weight of your essay will come from including “the facts” and being able to explain how you reached your final soundscape.
  • In week 10 you will all be doing presentations on your ‘adopted blog’.  Applying the list of ‘What Makes A Blog Good’ that we came up with in class today. Choose a blog that you would like to follow over the semester.
  • Personalise and apply ‘What Makes A Blog Good’ to your own wordpress
  • Start bookmarking pages on your delicious account that you can reference in your essay
  • Add all your classmates to your blogroll
  • Stalk Yourself – creepy, yes, but have a look.
  • Write reflections on your blog about what you discovered about ‘you’
  • Create a Twitter & LastFM account (if you haven’t already)
  • Tweet your response to the Henry Jenkins article we discussed in week 2
  • Tweet your response to the Yahoo article – We will discuss this in week 3
  • Listen to the full podcast on ‘Social Media and Sentiment Mining’
  • Complete a blog post before next week’s class, which outlines the idea for your soundscape (which is due in week 6), and identifies the sounds you will need. We will be discussing these published ideas in class next week.
  • Find a blog that you think is excellent.
  • Write a blog post in your new blog, and include direct links to your various accounts.
  • Add a link to the ABC POOL Lost Places page, and mention a list of ideas for potential soundscapes.
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