Week 11 – Working on Your Videos

Posted on October 5, 2010


Hey all,

Today as promised you will be working on your videos in class.

I’ll do a couple of short tutorials to get you started.

  • Interface refresher
  • Settings
  • Importing
  • Changing duration of transitions or effects
  • Freeze frames
  • Titles (credits, lower third, subtitle)
  • Image and wireframe
  • Slug
  • Backgrounds
  • Overlays / title safe
  • More tools – Roll Edit, B is for Blade and BBB is for Big Blade


Using Twitter, research an area for your essay. Retweet it to your own page and also to my pageAll of the details of how you would do this can be found as links within my most recent Tweets. You will then be able to use this as a reference in your essay.


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