Week 10: Adopt a Blog Presentations

Posted on September 28, 2010


Hey guys,

Today you will each be doing your five minute presentations about the blog that you’ve been following since the start of the semester.
If you miss today we will make time in week 11 or 12.

Early on we compiled the list What Makes Blogs Good?! You can use this as a prompt.

As you have been following this blog your presentation should go beneath the surface of the content to explore its functions and the techniques employed.
Ask the questions who/what/when/where/how/why?
I am going to be most interested in the
how? How is this blog different to others? What techniques have they used?Are they effective? Why/Why not?

1. Write a blog post about your ‘adopted blog’. Include notes from your presentation and any other thoughts after the class discussion.

2. Discuss with links three of your classmates’ ‘adopted blogs’.

In week 11 & 12 you will be working on your videos in class. Bring in all of your media that you will be working with + all of the cables and gear you might need to digitise it.

See you soon,


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