Video on the Web: limited and limitless all at the same time.

Posted on September 21, 2010


Today we will split the class into three parts. Again.

Online video projects, Final Cut Pro tutorial and Where we’re at now, looking at your storyboards, schedules and blog presentations for next week.

Video Online

How is it limitless? How is it limited?

Sean has some great examples of how video and its narrative can extend beyond the frame so we’ll take a look at his blog to start.

We can also look at the concepts behind I’m Still Here and how the creators utilised the media and the web to create a story (or publicity) before the film hit the cinemas.
The official page and that Letterman Interview
Moving on and looking at something that doesn’t exist without you.
The Wilderness Downtown
What makes this work?

Rabbit holes and entry points
An example in an alternate reality game

Bluebird ARG beginnings
Kyle’s blog , Monte’s and Lulu‘s

In groups brainstorm a choose your own adventure for the web
It will need to incorporate a concept for at least one video that is central to the story whether it be the introduction or the ‘reward’.
The video is only a concept so it can be anything in the whole wide world; a feature film, a video to remix, more information.
The choose your own adventure will need to have multiple links across multiple sites and also contain text and at least one image.
Think about hiding clues within pages and how users will be enticed to follow the mystery.
Would you ask questions? Would you tell a story? What is the reward? Why would they engage in your adventure?
Who is your audience? What is the point? Is it something that you could do in five minutes or does it play out over a period of time like an alternate reality game?

You will then “pitch” this to the class in your group.


So far we have had a good look at the interface of Final Cut. Today we will go through the settings for your final projects.
How to create text and titles
Importing  & Exporting

Create a 30 second video using text
Export and upload to your vimeo page
Embed in your blog

efore next week add your soundscape to the Lost Places Google Map. This might provide you with some inspiration on where you could go with publishing your video online. If you need you can have a look at this tutorial.

Blog presentations are next week. Yes next week.
In class we will establish a list of attributes to discuss beyond the subject of the blog for your five minute presentations.

Watch – How to Make a Viral Video (Do you agree?)
How do you (personally) find out about them? How do videos get hits? What makes YOU want to let people know about it? – How do you do it? (email, verbally, blog, twitter, facebook etc?)

More stuff to look at
Choose Your Own Adventure Video

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