Week 6 is Drawing Nigh

Posted on August 22, 2010


Hey guys,

It’s Saturday afternoon and I know you are checking in every five minutes for your ‘to-do’ list for before the next class.

I trust you have all exercised your democratic right to vote and in the process been given a free sausage or a Girl Guide biscuit. Big day!

Your soundscapes are due on Friday so you really should be focusing on this and the written component. I have said that you should have ten references in your bibliography for the 1000 words. You can make these five academic references and five ‘inspirational’ references if you like.  As long as they are correctly referenced everyone will be happy. Of course, there can be cross over.

Believe it or not the library is a good place to go for research, you can book in with librarians to help you out too if you’re stuck. There is also a wealth of information that you can access through academic journals and books online starting here. This is free!  – Also not a joke. There are so many amazing databases you can search through the uni that if you weren’t a student you wouldn’t usually get access to unless you paid the big bucks.

If you need a refresher on how to reference have a look at the RMIT Referencing Guides.


1. Before the class have a read through

Pitchfork POV Series Demonstrates Power of Slow Growth

2. Have a look at the 6 camera ‘POV’ shoot of Broken Social Scene

3. As you know you will be doing a presentation on the blog you selected to follow a few weeks ago. Keep looking at this blog and make a link and comment in a blog post.

4. This week in class we will be looking at editing in digital media and then 3 weeks of video editing after the break. Come up with a short list of film clips that you like and think have a good relationship between the audio and visuals.  It’s kind of like guest programming rage.

5. Through researching how blogs become successful come up with five ways that you could increase traffic to your blog. Think of this outside the context of the classroom – if you were a band manager, promoter, artist etc. How would you get your blog known? We will discuss this in class so write it down.

6. Keep working on your assignments and ask me any questions on Tuesday. Last chance!

See you soon,