Week 5: Image & Design

Posted on August 17, 2010


Hey all,

Today we will be looking at images..

We will be talking about the visual design of images along with a technical ‘how to’ of basic image manipulation in a Photoshop Tutorial.

We will also explore how sound and images work together by doing a couple of watching and listening experiments.

How do you communicate through images?

In Class Task 1: MOOD
What can images say?
Q Beyond the subject what do you see?
Q Is it a good image to communicate what you wanted to?

In Pairs Task 2: Elements of Images

Using below links to articles as a starting point we will look at what visual elements make images work. Each of you will be given a postcard with an image-related term.

In pairs you will need to come up with a clear definition to explain to the class along with an image as an example of this.

In Class Task 3: Watching & Creating a Soundtrack

Formal Visual Analysis: The Elements & Principles of Composition
Rules of Composition
The Meaning of Colours
The Rule of Thirds

Making image choices.
Why would you choose one image over another?

Think about using food as an example. What images conjure more than just the sense of “sight”?

Next week we will look at editing in digital media followed by three weeks of Final Cut Pro Workshops. This will start tying together all the elements we’ve been collecting over the weeks.

Ten sleeps until your soundscapes and essays are due. Ask questions.


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