Some Questions Answered

Posted on August 17, 2010


Hey Guys,

A quick note before tomorrow in case you were checking in – as promised.

A couple of you have asked questions about the assignment.

Yes you can include dialogue and music in your soundscapes. Remember though that the idea of the project is to evoke a space. In the same way that we were looking at the ‘mood’ images at the start of the class today think about the way certain signifiers work together to communicate the meaning. If you were to take away the words or ‘dialogue’, what do the sounds convey? Are they part of the actual space/soundscape or are you using words to communicate your idea.

For example, the sound of construction workers talking in the background is ok but saying “I am standing on an empty block of land where my house used to be” should and could be better communicated through sounds.

Likewise with music. Yes you can create your own music and include it in your soundscape, however, you are not producing a song. If music contributes to your lost place that is great. If it is how you imagine your lost place would sound if it were a song…maybe need some rethinking.

Other things to think about from today’s class that you can apply to your own soundscapes. Remember The Breaking Bad clip? Wasn’t just for fun. Think about the sound qualities that you wanted to add if you were making the soundtrack yourself. We weren’t just looking at the sounds we could see (clinking test tubes, fan, motor) Your ideas went beyond what we could just see to tell us so much more. The sun rising and setting shows the passing of time visually, what sort of sounds would you use to express time in your piece? What sounds would you use to show the difference between indoors and outdoors?


If you are having issues downloading the audio that you would like to use from the Pool website, firstly check that you are logged in. I look at this tonight and everything is in working order.
For more troubleshooting you can read the how to download the full quality media on the Pool site.



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