Week 4: Playing By The Rules? What Rules?!

Posted on August 10, 2010


This week we’re looking at Copyright, Remixing and Intellectual Property

What is copyright and who cares?

Creative Commons
What is it?
What are the conditions?
How can I tell?
How do I share?

An example from ccMixter
Finding CC media
One of the founders of Creative commons
Larry Lessig talks “on laws that choke creativity” (TED)

3 x Videos to watch

Wanna work together?’
‘A shared culture‘
‘Get creative‘

Copyright within different contexts – professional, personal, education

In this course look at  ‘Using Artistic Works’

What’s the risk?

Sites to visit to find out more APRA/AMOCS

Australian Copyright Council

“Fade to Grey”

It gets tricky. Listen to this?

Visual Art – Cases or Causes?

Illegal Art

Vampire Weekend Sued – 20 years after photo

Audio cases:

For the love or for the $$ – Looking at politics, art and culture

Happy Birthday?!

RIP: A Remix Manifesto (part 1)

Part II

Visit Sean’s blog for loads more links and resources you might like to use in your essays.

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