Week 3: Blogging & Adopt a Blog

Posted on August 3, 2010


Hey all,
Nice posting!

Today we are going to:

Watch – 10 myths about blogs by Scott Rosenberg.
Blogs in Plain English & Explaining RSS in Plain English by Common Craft

Discuss the readings –

Weblogs: A History And Perspective, Rebecca Blood, September 7, 2000
& The Yahoo Style Guide

Look at the blogs that you have marked ‘excellent’.
Come up with a list of features that make them ‘excellent’.
Apply these features to our own blogs.

Add all your classmates to your blogroll

WordPress HELLLLLP!!! – all your questions answered here.

Read your classmates blog posts on their ideas for their soundscapes.
Write a post on your own blog which includes a reference or comment to at least two of your classmates’ posts and linking to them. You will also need to include a link to an external reference that you can include in your essay.

A couple of notes from the course guide to remember for assignment 1.

*An accompanying essay will detail and analyse the design process from concept and pre-production through to production and publishing.

*One of the criteria you will be marked on is the ability to communicate the theoretical decisions behind audio selection, editing.

Start bookmarking articles on your delicious that you can reference in your essay

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