What do I have to do?

Posted on July 27, 2010


Before the next class – Tuesday August 3

1.    Stalk Yourself – creepy, yes, but have a look.
2.    Write reflections on your blog about what you discovered about ‘you’
3.    Create a Twitter & LastFM account (if you haven’t already)
4.    Tweet your response to the Henry Jenkins article we discussed in week 2
5.    Tweet your response to the Yahoo article – We will discuss this in week 3
6.    Do the Week 3 readings before you come into the class. Please.
Weblogs: A History And PerspectiveRebecca Blood, September 7, 2000.
7.    Bring five images that you can put on your WordPress Blog. (Remember Copyright)
8.    Listen to the full podcast on ‘Social Media and Sentiment Mining’ –  http://mpegmedia.abc.net.au/rn/podcast/2010/06/bbg_20100627.mp3
9.    Complete a blog post before next week’s class, which outlines the idea for your soundscape (which is due in week 6), and identifies the sounds you will need. We will be discussing these published ideas in class next week.
10.    Find a blog that you think is excellent.

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