Week 2: Who Am I? How Did We Get Here?

Posted on July 27, 2010


Big Questions huh?

It was good to meet you all last week. I especially enjoyed when you rolled your eyes when I talked about ‘peer learning’ and students’ eagerness to sign up to adultmatchmaker.com in the name of ‘research’. More of that, I say.

This week we’ll be looking at Social Media and Writing for the Web.

Thing we’ll be looking at & discussing:

  • Evolution of Social Media (historical, technological, economic)
  • Participatory Culture
  • Pop Culture vs Popularity Culture
  • Communities and Writing – on and offline
  • Identity, ownership and consolidating our’ selves’
  • Reflexivity
  • WHY?

From this weeks readings, do you agree with Henry Jenkins when he writes:

“We are expressing ourselves in new ways but we do not yet have the conceptual resources to allow us to pull back and reflect on what we are creating.”

Why/Why Not? What else was interesting about this article?

In-Class Work:

  • Tweet your response to the two set readings
  • Media Mapping Exercise
  • Social Networking Talks
  • Discussion on readings

Sites to Look at:

Video : Clay Shirky on “How social media can make history

Local ‘web presence’


NEXT WEEK: Blogging (+Adopt A Blog)

For next week – Listen to this podcast ‘Social Media and Sentiment Mining’

Reading for Week 3: Weblogs: A History And PerspectiveRebecca Blood, September 7, 2000.

Task: Complete a blog post before next week’s class, which outlines the idea for your soundscape (which is due in week 6), and identifies the sounds you will need. We will be discussing these published ideas in class next week.

+ Follow each other’s blogs.

More Links to Explore:


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