Week 1: What Am I Doing Here?

Posted on July 20, 2010


Hi all and welcome to Design Studio,

My name is Anna and I will be taking your class for this semester. This blog will be the central place for you to find course information. You will still need to check in to Blackboard for other serious business like handing in assignments through the drop box etc. We will talk about this more as the weeks go on to make sure you always know where to go for the most up to date info.

I’ll post your required readings here weekly as well as links for further reading, interesting projects the trusty course document will live here too.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

Today we will spend the time getting to know each other and talking about creating a collaborative and dynamic experience both online and in the classroom so you can get the most out of the class.

We will go through the course documents in detail

Explore these projects:

thru-you.com – the kutiman remix of youtube
http://www.masa-ka.com/html/hibinoneiro.html – the ‘sour’ webcam based music video
La Jetee – by Chris Marker – example of photo and audio to tell a story. What web opportunities does this suggest?

Sign Up For Accounts At These Sites:

wordpress.com – our blogging system of choice. ( Their detailed ‘how to use‘ instructions are worth a read / bookmarking ).
– online bookmarking site.
soundcloud.com – where our audio will be hosted.
flickr.com – where our images will be hosted.
vimeo.com – where our video will be hosted.
ABC POOL – an ABC hosted site for remixing images, audio and video. Once joined, join the Design Studio group inside POOL.
( And have a look at the Lost Places project, which our assignments will be loosely based around. )

Task for Week 1:
Write a blog post in your new blog, and include direct links to your various accounts.
Add a link to the ABC POOL Lost Places page, and mention a list of ideas for potential soundscapes.

Choosing a Site to discuss in Week 2:





Blip TV
Last FM
Google –mail/docs/mapping etc.

For Week 2 : Social Media and Writing for the Web

Each week nominated for reading will appear in the reading list on the sidebar
( direct link ).

For next week, we’ve got a piece by Henry Jenkins looking at the new media landscape, and the Yahoo guide to writing for the web. You will need to read this BEFORE the class ready to discuss.

First up, some useful tips and shortcuts for using the macs in the lab.
– For those new to apple computers, some ‘switching’ tips and tutorials.
– Have a browse through the wordpress.com tutorial site.

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